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The Whales Tale, Herring and Sail

Such exciting things happening for 2024! New in 2024, where Joss is compiling stories and songs from Scotland’s coastal waters to perform and tour her work in the warmer months.


‘The Whales Tale, Herring and Sail’ is still in the research stages, so if anyone has a personal story, shanty or ballad that they would like to share, please get in touch with Joss:

All Hands on Deck !!!!!


There will also be a fun opportunity to learn some Sea Shanties, the history of seafaring songs, and the traditions and nature of maritime language, and then have fun singing some rousing choruses as a group (no singing skills required).


Joss will run these workshops - her energy and enthusiasm will have you engaged and singing in rhythm long after the event ends! If anyone is interested in becoming a shanty singer in Edinburgh, please contact Joss.

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