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Joss Cameron is a Scottish folk singer, researcher, artist and award-winning songwriter born in Edinburgh and holds a First-Class BA (Hons) in Music.

She has a passion for promoting Scotland's rich culture, heritage and traditions. Joss has a long professional career behind her, starting off her career as a nightclub singer in 1988 in the Costa del Sol and as a soloist with the Gibraltar Choral Society. Joss initially studied classical music under her mentor, Maestro Hector Placido Cortes, and became a resident vocalist at the Gibraltar International Casino.

In 1995, she moved to Ghana to teach music and art. In 1998, she emigrated to Melbourne, where she joined the established acapella trio, EVESPEAK, where she became a well-known voice in the Australian folk music circuit, whilst debuting their world music award-winning CD 'Warming The Ground'.

In 2004, Joss returned to the UK, where she became a founder member of the well-known acapella quartet, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE and performed with them until 2012, then was founder member in BALLADONIA promoting Scottish music in community settings.

In 2017, Joss became a founder member of the band SHIANFOLK and a soloist, where she sings traditional ballads, many of the songs from the North East of Scotland. (Her family is linked to the Travelling tradition, and Joss is a blood relation of well-known ballad singer Jeannie Robertson, a traditional balladeer). She also researches and sources ancient ballads. 

Joss has always had a keen interest, and holds a passion for the intangiable cultural heritage of Scotland, primarily, the oral tradition of her ancestors. Joss holds community courses and workshops throughout the year, sharing her knowledge of traditional stories and songs.

In 2023, Joss teamed up with her friend, Jess Smith (BEM), and toured with their performance

'Where the Feather Falls', sharing stories and ballads from the Travelling folk. Then, with Amy Dudley and John Tantalon toured with 'Tales from the Witches Sabbath', incorporating stories and songs from the historical Scottish Witch trials. Both tours Joss has co-produced. 

In 2024 -2025, Joss is now working on a new pilot project, 'The Whales' Tale, Herring and Sail', sharing traditional songs and stories from our coastal waters, as well as filming a documentry in may 2024, sharing her knowledge of a Traveller ballad favourite 'Bonnie Udny.'

In 2018, Joss wrote her first book, researching ancient superstitions of the Scottish Whaling Industry from 1760 - 1963, called 'The Caul Bearers'.

Joss is also a graduate of Fine Art, is a trained Holistic Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Joss holds a PVG and an Enhanced Disclosure, Scotland.


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