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The Whales' Tale, Herring and Sail

Scotland's coastal communities are a mosaic of vibrant local economies, and natural landscapes, each contributing uniquely to the nation's identity and prosperity. These include fishing villages, ancient castles, port towns, and harbours.


Every one of these villages, ports, and towns are steeped in history and renowned for its unique songs, stories - and superstitions. All of these elements are of great importance and should be shared and performed to help nurture our traditions, heritage, and culture, keeping them alive and thriving. Joss aims to achieve this by sharing Scotland's rich assets at a community level.

 Thanks (again) to Creative Scotland, ‘The Whales’ Tale, Herring and Sail’ is Joss' latest musical performance, intertwining with short stories and songs of Scotland’s coastal regions, from past to present day. Joss shall collaborate with composer and multi-instrumentalist, Amy Dudley, and musician, Steve Tyler for this new event.

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