"Joss Cameron has the voice of an angel and sings slices of Scotland's history that are knee trembling".     Hugh McMillan, Scottish Author and Poet.

"You know you're in the presence of a singer of compelling emotional power with Joss. She's far more than consumate performer; the music and language come from deep within; they tell a people's stories and history, and they are beautifully expressed."    Neil Young, Poet and Publisher.

"Rooted in the Scottish ballad tradition of her forebears yet constantly innovative, Joss Cameron's musical interpretations are at the same time authentic and adventurous, her vocals expressing an emotional range from profound to playful. A truly versatile and engaging artist."      Georgie Farron, Artist and Writer.

"Joss Cameron is a fine singer, and she is steeped in tradition."     The Edinburgh Music Review.

"What a voice!"      Sheena Wellington. Scottish Folk Singer.


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