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Imagine, if you will, Scotland, 1589, a land in the grip of turmoil, political divide, and reformation. A climate of superstition and accusation that would manifest across the landscape, a discovery of witches.  Join traditional Scottish singer Joss Cameron, musician and composer Amy Dudley, and author and storyteller, John Tantalon on an unforgettable journey.  Hear songs and tales to fill you with fright. Encounter stories of woe and terror. Echoes from a bloody past remain from the land, sea and far beyond. Do the restless spirits of Scotland's dead still call out today? 

Join us if you dare, but listener beware, and observe if you will, Tales from the Witches Sabbath.

                             Tour Dates 

Spott Village Hall, 27th October, 7.30pm
Bellfield Celebration Hall, Portobello: 28th Oct, 23, 7.30pm
National Library of Scotland, 31st Oct, 23 5.30pm
Strathearn Arts Centre, Comrie, 10th Nov 23

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